Anyone who thinks that praying and reading the Bible is the remedy for sexual desire just doesn’t get it

Anyone who thinks that praying and reading the Bible is the remedy for sexual desire just doesn’t get it

Desire for sexual intimacy is specifically a desire for an embodied intimacy. Praying and Bible reading is contemplation. Sexual activity is embodied action. Totally opposite categories.

Reading through all these comments is kind of saddening. Something clearly isn’t working if this many people are struggling over this. It just isn’t natural or just to mandate that every unmarried person act like they’re asexual. It all sounds so reasonable when you’re a teenager and you think that you’ll get married in a couple years. When you’re 30 and still aren’t married then it begins to ring hollow. It’s time for the Church to reassess things.

Thanks, Eric. I think you’re right: purity culture with its disdain for the body has failed the church in every way. It’s definitely time for new understandings of healthy sexuality.

Excellent question. I really wish i had an answer for that one. But unfortunately the women today are a lot different from the past making love very hard to find for so many of us single guys now.

I’m 36, female, never had sex because growing up in the church taught me to think it was a sin

Whatever–Michael Houellebecq The Elementary Particles-Michel Houellebecq Platform–Michel Houellebecq (All of Houellebecq’s books are great but those are the best places to start)

Agree with comment above. Yes, I put my career ahead of my personal life and didn’t have much sexual interest until my late 20s. Now there aren’t any Christian men left, nevermind Christian men who are still virgins, or who would be OK with me wanting to wait until marriage.

Meaning to say if watching erotic movies is causing you to incline to sexual desires drop them

I feel I wasted my life and now I’ll be single forever. I have strong sexual desires now. Does a loving God really want me to struggle with this for the rest of my life? Because I’m gonna. I admit I came on here looking for an excuse, looking for someone to tell me it’s OK to sleep with the man who is showing interest in me now. He won’t wait. So I read this, and now feel I must tell him no, and he’ll go away, as they all do. And I remain alone.

That is helpful. If we feed ourselves with the word, keep it in our hearts and posesse wisdom from Jehovah to fight against any temptation, we will achieve a great deal. Consider checking out my website about obedience to the word of God, In whatever we do let’s know that the easiest way to apply for disaster is the refusal to follow instructions. Let us be obedient to the word of God and keep the teachings of Jesus Christ in our hearts.

Firstly, l really appreciate your faithfulness to the Almighty. You are now 36 years old, no sex. That is really a great achievement. May the Almighty bless you for that. So in the Bible Jesus said it is better to lose your right eye which is causing you to sin and inherit the kingdom of God than to live with both eyes and go to hell. If the person you are dating insist to have sex with you before marriage drop him because it simply means he doesn’t love you, he is just after that spot between your legs. It is better to stay alone than to sin against God. Keep away from the desires of the flesh. You are not a loose woman, don’t allow yourself to be so cheap. Your body is the temple of the Jehovah so keep it holy. This is a battle. You are in the midst of your boyfriend and God. The choice is in your hands. It’s either you will lean to God’s side, “the one who gives you life, the one who will reward you for your good works and the one are living for,” or you lean to your boyfriend, “the one who will destroy your life, the one who will remove you from God’s favour and the one who will just you.” The few minutes you will fornicate with him will destroy your life. The problem with people is we tend to nomalize the arbonormal deviating from the teachings of Jesus Christ and it’s a pity because judgment will certainly strike us. Ecclesiastes 11:9 Be happy, young man, while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes see, but know that for all these things God will bring you to judgment.

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