Lifestyle Diseases

The style in which one lives in one’s Lifestyle. We often say that our ancestors had a very good lifestyle and in those days these common diseases like BP, Diabetes, Obesity etc were not very prevalent. One truth is probably they didn’t have too many avenues to distract them or rather lure them to lead a bad life style. Major lifestyle issues are obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal imbalance and so on. Major reason for all these conditions is detour from tradition and dependence on modern fast paced life. We get swayed by statements which so called modern researchers publish every other day. They dumped coconut oil to move on to sunflower oil to rice bran oil to mixed vegetable oil to olive oil and back to coconut oil. They now say coconut oil is the best oil. That is also not right. It all depends upon what oil one is traditionally used to.

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